Process Capabilities

Fluid Energy Micronization

Particle to particle impact facilitated by air flow producies particles less than 50 microns in size.
Significant benefits to this style of milling include:

* No Heat Build Up
* No Abrasion Generated Contamination

Our production scale fluid energy milling systems are located in a dedicated air locked process suite. The mills are fed via a loss-in-weight or volumetric feeders, micronized product is then collected in a reverse pulse dust collector, and discharged to product containers through a rotary air lock valve. This system design allows for significant product containment and recoveries of +99.9%.

Agglomeration/Granulation via Roll Compaction

Roll compaction is a form of dry agglomeration that uses the force generated between two counter revolving rolls to compress powders into solid sheets. The sheets can then be milled and classified into a particular particle size range. Benefits to using roll compaction over wet agglomeration technologies include:

* Continuous process with internal recycle of off – spec granules and dust       collection fines
* In many cases the addition of a binder is not required
* No granule drying is required

Our roll compaction system is located in a dedicated air locked process suite. This system includes internal recycle of undersized particles, oversized particles, and dust collector fines. The system design allows for significant product containment and recoveries of +99.5%.


Both double ribbon and tumble blending systems are available at CGI. Our tumble blending system is equipped with high shear intensifier agitation to allow for the blending of liquids with solids and the dispersion of solids of significantly different particle size or bulk densities.


CGI offers various styles of mechanical mills that can be used to delump, granulate, or pulverize a wide variety of solids. These mills can be setup in air locked process suites with various with varying degrees of dust collection and containment.

Potent Compound Processing

A potent compound facility is currently under construction at CGI. This facility will process materials under cGMP conditions and will incorporate state of the art industrial hygiene design and operational standards. This facility and will house a Flanders PTH isolator rated at 20 nanogram OEL. The isolator will allow for the installation of various solids processing systems for the safe and controlled processing.